3 Tips to Buy Supplements Intelligently

1. Buy well-known national brands
Certified food supplement brands have quality control departments or employ third-party laboratories for this purpose. It is also subject to regular visits by the Food and Drug Administration. Now Foods, for example, has more than 150 full-time quality control employees who are bachelor’s degree holders or more, and many have a PhD. Herbs Care is proud to check out these respected brands and display them through their website. In fact, all Herbs Care-listed brands are either national trademarks or our exclusive trademarks. The credibility of the labels of all Herbs Care exclusive brands is verified through third-party tests and by meeting EFSA good manufacturing practices.
2. Trust only the original ratings for certified buyers
At Herbs Care, we limit ratings to customers who have purchased the selected product from our website. This ensures honest and accurate ratings to help our customers make smarter purchasing options.
3. Insist on adequate storage conditions and adequate expiration dates
All Herbs Care products are stored in temperature-controlled warehouses and adhere to good manufacturing practices. In addition, you can see the expiration date of the products you order on the product page. These dates are constantly updated when you receive a new inventory.
We do not deal with any external suppliers. Everything you buy from Herbs Care is owned and shipped by Herbs Care

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